• Build effective supply chain vision

  • Create and sustain alignment

  • Develop advanced decision making skills

  • Learn the importance of having shared strategy

  • Experience the importance of cross-functional collaboration

  • Manage the Value chain successfully

  • Learn how an optimized Value Chain effects business performance 

  • Gain Knowledge  about how to put your Strategy into Action
    (e.g. robust Sales and Operation Planning Process – S&OP)

  • Learn to effectively manage trade-offs that exist within and between functional areas when implementing the Strategy

  • World's leading simulation platform

Learning Experience
Workshop Goals
Track record
  • World's leading innovative web platform

  • Experienced by over 10,000 professionals in over 500 companies

  • Sample companies: Canon, Du Pont, Nike, Toyota, Phillips, Bayer, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Kimberly-Clark, Heinz, Apple and more

The challenge 
  • The Fresh connection is a fruit juice producer suffering from losses and poor supply chain perforemance

  • A new management team has been appointed consisting of 4 roles: Sales manager, Purchasing manager, Supply chain manager, Operation manager

  • Make the company profitable again by making strategic and tactical decisions

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