Business Performance

Sales & Operation Planning


“S&OP is a decision making process to balance demand and supply, to coordinate financial and operation plans and align Strategic plans to operation management”


While recognized as the most important strategic business process, companies are still struggling to define the right way to implement S&OP in their organization and reap the huge potential benefits. 

Executive Workshops

Offering the most innovative value chain platform in the world, management teams can ​experience the power of shared vision and collaboration between different functions in the organization: Sales, Finance, Operation, Purchasing and Supply chain.

APICS Training

Training supply chain managers, operation managers and business planners with best practices and industry standards.



Substitute inventory with information. Information systems enable organization to realize huge benefits as long as the focus remains on what really matters: business processes and organization.


Supply Chain Strategy & Inventory management


Inventory is an asset in your balance sheet but can turn out to be a liability for your operations.

So which is it?

Every organiztions manages its inventory but few clearly define and enforce an inventory policy based on product segmentation and supply chain strategy. When it comes to inventory one size does not fit all. 



Forecast & Demand Management


"Prediction is very difficult, especially if it's about the future" - Niels Bohr

While this quote best reflect the sisyphic effort of trying to create a forecast, it is still one of the most important processes in organizations as a whole and in supply chain specifically. 

Combining data analytics, statistical skills, tacit knowledge and collaboration processes the ability to sense and shape demand turns into competitive advantage.

Corporate & Representation Services 

Representation services


Managing your entity can be a constant challenge. we are providing corporate and representation services in the Israeli market and help companies integrate representation services with their business processes, handle everyday management of compliance, due diligence and service of process and daily monitoring and control of your local entity.

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